Virtual Wine Tasting Kits

Let's Get Virtual!

Our winery is temporarily closed but our virtual tasting room is a hive of activity!

Explore all the ways you can continue to connect with Hoopes Vineyard live from the farm and vineyard. Enjoy fun, online tasting experiences from the comfort of your living room or kitchen.

We have three virtual tasting packages to choose from or buy 6 bottles of your choice, and we will tailor a private virtual tasting just for you! We've got all kinds of hot topics covered - food pairings, wine cocktails, what happens to a great Cabernet as it ages, why does terroir matter, how to taste wine with all five senses, Chardonnay - from buttery to naked, top 5 wine gifts and gadgets, wine through the ages - a historical perspective, when to decant and when to chill, old world vs new world... we could go on, but you get the idea! 

Email for further information or assistance with an order.

Join us for an interactive virtual video tasting series with your personal Hoopes Sommelier. 

Tasting package includes: 

  • A mixed 6-bottle tasting sampler of boutique Hoopes wines
  • Access to three private virtual tasting sessions with fabulous, fun and entertaining Sommelier Jaclyn
  • Ground shipping for just $5.00



Featuring our Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Rose of Cabernet. 

Tasting Package includes:

•    3 bottles of bright and sunny Hoopes wines
•    Access to a private virtual tasting with fabulous, fun and entertaining Sommelier Jaclyn
•    Ground shipping for $5.00 if purchased with the 'All about the Cab' Tasting Package 


Featuring our 2014 and 2015 Oakville Cabernet and 2015 Napa Valley Cabernet. 

Tasting Package includes:

•    3 bottles of Hoopes Cabernet Sauvignon
•    Access to a private virtual tasting with fabulous, fun and entertaining Sommelier Jaclyn
•    Ground shipping for $5.00 if purchased with the 'Bright and Sunny' Tasting Package